Thursday, November 28, 2019


It was two weeks ago today that I sent an e-mail to my favourite three Woolwich Councillors. Two of them have since contacted me, namely Pat Merlihan and Scott McMillan. The third was out of the country and may possibly still be so. Regardless not so much as a confirmation of receipt from him in two weeks. I will also add that to date the only response from Woolwich staff to me has been via an e-mail to Patrick that he sent along to me. Nevertheless I remain optimistic that Councillor McMillan is on the job although the lack of any information since his phone call of last Friday is concerning.

The e-mail from staff was much more enlightening than the initial verbal response to Patrick (Councillor Merlihan) which he relayed to me. This did occur after I assisted Councillor Merlihan in obtaining a copy of the presumed 1973 engineering drawing from Walter, Fedy, McCargar, Hachborn consulting engineers.The e-mail from staff included both a confirmation of remaining asbestos cement pipe in Elmira and a map indicating which streets. There was not, as requested, hard documentary evidence (formal engineering drawings for example) backing up the claim that there are only nine streets left in Elmira with remaining asbestos cement pipe delivering drinking water to residences or businesses.

Since that time I have been advised verbally (last Saturday) by Councillor Merlihan that no other towns or villages in Woolwich Township ever used asbestos cement pipe (AC or transite pipe).

I have sent further data to Councillor Merlihan namely on Nov. 23, 24, and 25. This data includes scientific reports discussing and describing peritoneal mesothelioma versus pleural (sp.?) mesothelioma which is asbestos induced abdominal cancer via ingestion versus asbestos induced lung cancer via inhalation. I have also sent medical information regarding polyps in the colon, whether benign or malignant and how the medical community views them all as problematic and that they should be removed sooner than later. Our three councillors are aware that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that ingested asbestos fibres do increase the production of polyps (benign) in the colon.

I understand that budgets are difficult to amend mid stream. Nevertheless the promised removal of just under one half of the alleged remaining asbestos pipes in the next three or four years seems to be doing less than the issue warrants now that we all have additional information as to the health issues. Woolwich Township citizens do not need to have additional cases of colon or other abdominal cancers that might have been avoided with more timely asbestos removal.

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