Friday, July 19, 2019


This sad individual comments on almost all my postings. His bias is in favour of the Ministry of Environment (MOE), "professional" consultants, the GRCA, and various credentialed experts. He of course is a former employee of the federal government and he rubbed shoulders with the MOE (MECP) and GRCA during his time with the feds.

His expertise in groundwater or hydrogeology is nil. That said he does have knowledge of surface water, sedimentation, erosion and deposition. His knowledge of chemical contamination whether ground or surface water is also nil. He has never attended a single public meeting in regards to Uniroyal Chemical in Elmira over the past thirty years. His knowledge, if any, regarding Uniroyal, their consultants, and the MOE's behaviour here in Elmira is all second or third hand. He has never heard their nonsense and self-serving drivel at public meetings here in Elmira.

Here's the thing. If he wasn't such a rude and biased individual he actually could add something to the conversation regarding Canagagigue Creek. His expertise could be helpful to those of us with first hand knowledge of the contamination of our air, ground water, surface water, soils and sediments with dioxins/furans, DDT and metabolites. As well there are mercury and PCBs and more in the fish in the Creek. The problem is that almost every comment he makes, informed and worthwhile or not, does not get published because he intentionally insults myself the author of this Blog. The insults are mostly childish and inaccurate. He thinks that that's O.K. because I insult Uniroyal and successors, plus the MOE. I do this based upon first hand dealings with them over the last thirty years. He and other local twits (some politicians) believe that MOE and Uniroyal (now Lanxess) deception or lying to the public is O.K. and should be tolerated whereas I do not. Lying is the ultimate disrespect and insult and most especially should not be tolerated from people working for the government and paid for by us the citizens, residents, and taxpayers.

Until professional and pathological liars including most(?) politicians understand that the public do not condone lying the way that they do, they will never understand that activists' contempt and disrespect for corporate and government liars will continue until they stop lying. In other words when the lying and accompanying insults to the public stop so will my responding insults. Meanwhile anyone with an opinion, informed or not, may comment here on the Elmira Advocate but forget the personal insults. Why would I publish them on my Blog? Leave out the personal garbage and yes I may criticize some uninformed or inaccurate comments but I won't insult them.

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  1. A claim has been made by this individual that he has a certain level of understanding of hydrogeology. I can not confirm that.