Friday, December 7, 2018


The Woolwich Observer's Steve Kannon wrote an Opinion piece back on May 14, 2011 in which he stated the facts as he knows them regarding past CPACs as well as my dismissal from the most recent one by Todd Cowan, an a..hat extraordinaire who I must say was publicly humilated four years later possibly even slightly more than he deserved, all things considered.

Steve Kannon couldn't quite make up his mind about me and my dismissal as he praised me to the skies while at the very same time throwing in a few unappreciated (by me) cheap shots. Steve stated "...his enthusiasm for the cause leaves him no time for the niceties." Further "He speaks his mind leaving many people uncomfortable. It's a useful role calling a spade a spade as he notes elsewhere in the paper this week." "Furthermore that's not to say that there's no place for some s..t-disturbing, CPAC like Woolwich Council itself, can be too civil, too eager to be agreeable, to quick to defer to experts." "The truth he says should trump other considerations."

Well I certainly appreciate the kudos but somehow the criticisms that I'm too driven or too focused or too hardnosed just don't line up with the other nice and complimentary things that Steve said. Citizens have an absolute right to express their views on public interest matters and as the K-W Record was quoted here not too long ago municipal councils must expect and accept criticism from the public whether it is gentle, diplomatic or blunt and hardnosed. Steve you are trying to suck and blow simultaneously. My behaviour has always been a red herring simply because verbally I do not stand down for professional, credentialed liars, technical experts or QPs (Qualified Persons) who think they have the absolute right to lie to the public on health, safety and environmental matters. They do not.

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