Thursday, October 18, 2018


This Woolwich Council will have all of two new members, likely Scott McMillan and .... gad I think it could be very close between Eric Schwindt and Fred Redekop. Regardless I am feeling very confident that Ward Two will end up in good hands with either one. I do not view the "loss" of Mark Bauman as any such thing. I am far less confident in regards to all the rest. Yes I do support Pat Merlihan in Ward One, both with my vote and with a sign on my front lawn. Between Julie-Anne Herteis and Scott McMillan I have concerns. His stint on the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) is not a positive with this elector. I have first hand experience with the Board's bottom of the well, lower than earthworm, rotten to the core, values.This was a personal experience with them twenty years ago. As a reminder to the general public let me remind you of another ongoing scandal at that time at the Board and that was the Ron Archer scandal. Mr. Archer was finally convicted after nearly twenty years of abusing children with the WRDSB enabling him all the way. Also I might add that we have other local political luminaries who rose to prominence through the WRDSB. I have no use for any of them.

Ms. Herteis by all accounts is a good and decent person. What she lacks to be a good and effective representative is not her fault. I expect that Mr. McMillan is going to win simply based upon his Board experience and accompanying public persona. He also has a ton of signs all over Elmira and Julie-Anne does not. I do believe that Mr. McMillan is a hard worker. I've seen him walking and delivering his pamphlets door to door in town. If he wins as I expect, I will give him the same support I gave Sandy Shantz for her first term in office as a councillor. If and when he goes along with the council crowd and votes in favour of matters not in the public interest, he will lose my support.

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