Monday, April 9, 2018


On page 19 of the 2017 Canagagigue Creek report which I am currently studying the text describes the number of exceedances in "Reach 3: St and Downstream of Station 20". This Station from previous reports is located a few hundred metres downstream of the southern end of the Chemtura/Lanxess property. The text states that there were 24 exceedances above criteria for 2,4-DDT + 4,4-DDT in Soil samples. By my count in Table 7 there were 30 exceedances. Unmentioned yet again are the total DDD exceedances of which I counted 27 in Table 7. My count for 2,4-DDE + 4,4 DDE equaled the count of 36 exceedances stated in the text although my count included 4 Duplicate samples.

For Dioxin and Furan in the Soil samples the text says there were 27 exceedances of the maximum allowable criteria. My count in Table 7 came up with the same number although there were 4 Duplicates in addition to the 27.

For Sediment samples at this same general location (Reach 3 & Station 20) my count in Table 8 for 2,4-DDT + 4,4 DDT (ND0.5) was 28 exceedances versus the text claiming 39 exceedances. Well that's peculiar! The text stated there were 30 exceedances for 2,4-DDE + 4,4 DDE and my count was the same in Table 7. 2,4-DDD + 4,4-DDD which again wasn't mentioned in the text was 40 exceedances of the criteria. Wow!

For Dioxins and Furans in Sediment at this location the text stated that there were 26 exceedances. My count in Table 8 indicated a whopping 57 exceedances! What the hell! This is why citizens who are willing to do the work and inform themselves need to be the ones asking the questions at public meetings not just a few handpicked ones whether toadies to Sandy Shantz or Chemtura/Lanxess. There is yet another group asking questions and they are the honest, hardworking citizens who however do not have 30 years of experience reading hundreds of reports and being misinformed by the company or their consultants on the facts.

The next location is called Reach 4 and is the Chemtura/Lanxess site itself. The text and my reading of Table 9 states that there were 14 exceedances for 2,4-DDD + 4,4-DDD in the Soil samples. This time they actually presented the results for DDD in the text. The text stated that there were 15 exceedances for 2,4-DDE + 4,4-DDE whereas my count showed 16 exceedances. Both my count and the text agreed upon 13 exceedances for 2,4-DDT + 4,4-DDT.

For Dioxins and Furans in the Soil at this location my count and the count stated in the text of 27 exceedances were extremely close. My count from Table 9 included 1 Duplicate sample.

Further examination of this report and its' incredible number of exceedances of criteria will be forthcoming.


  1. Very interesting that you found those differences as you are right very few people have the time to read in detail what is in a consultant's report unless they are part of environmental committees. On the other hand how many people actually care on the discrepancies of numbers. My conclusion is there are expediencies so what again is going to be done about it. Again we look at how much, where and at what cost cleanup will be done? Also, again who will do it and who will pay for it? Bottom line this is an environmental mess.

  2. my conclusions is there are exceedances