Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Last evening the quarterly Remediation Advisory Committee was held in Woolwich Council Chambers. After extensive training Mark & Sandy have finally learned how to treat Delegations they don't care for with respect. I was even able to cajole Lisa S. into smiling in exasperation a couple of times prior to the start of the meeting.

Overall I am finding that RAC are both trying and doing a better job than I expected. Eric Hodgins of the Region of Waterloo is attending and contributing. He advised Lou Almeida of GHD on maintenance issues with Chemtura's newest pumping wells coming on line months if not years late this April. Tiffany Svensson the new TAG Chair discussed TAG's dashboard and her hopes that it will both focus discussions as well as give members lots of time in advance to prepare better for meetings. Sebastian in his calm manner quietly advised all and sundry that the question as to the M.O.E.'s criteria for having achieved Elmira Aquifer cleanup was first asked in 2012 by the last CPAC. Credit to Sandy she pointed out that Jason Rice's answer of March 2018 meant that it had taken the M.O.E. six years to answer the question. Nancy Davy of the GRCA discussed a fluvial geomorphology study of the Canagagigue Creek. Mark Bauman suggested the cleanup of the creek was like a soccer game either without rules or without goalposts. Basically Chemtura will set proposed criteria and the M.O.E. will comment on Chemtura's efforts. Then it will go back and forth forever. Sebastian also was not pleased with the lack of progress in getting Mr. Stroh to agree to allowing soil and water testing on his property by Chemtura. That is still not settled.

The real stinker was Lou Almeida (GHD) advising RAC that Chemtura will do a Human Health Risk Assessment. Probably toxicologist Ron Brecher for a pretty price will determine that gosh/golly there is no human exposure thus there is no human risk. He might if we're lucky wave his pony tail and say "See I'm a real radical, I haven't sold out to the man!".

The M.O.E. will follow up with solemn promises to do more study and investigation over the next five years to determine if mink, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, hawks or ospreys are suffering adverse effects by predating on fish, clams, crayfish, frogs etc. living in or near the Canagagigue Creek.

It's all a sham folks and always has been. Chemtura (Uniroyal) have an Indemnity and all the rest is public relations aided and abetted by our own corrupt governments; municipal, provincial and federal.

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