Wednesday, March 8, 2017



This is the Ontario Ministry of the Environment's best weapon. Truth and straightforwardness are their enemy. Lies, deceptions, weasel wording, manipulation are their best friends. Why most people walk away from confrontations with them eventually is due to self-preservation. Disgust and contempt are difficult to live with and can hurt you more than those deserving of your disgust and contempt. Dr. Jackson has walked away. He blamed "public policy" not technical issues as the enemy. I interpret "public policy" as politics. He understood that the Ontario M.O.E. had no interest in doing the right thing in Elmira. I do not blame him for walking away. I do however encourage him to rest and recharge and then, if and when he's ready, to rejoin the fray. His expertise and blunt honesty are needed.

I have publicly called the Ontario Ministry of the Environment liars. I have called them corrupt. Both are truthful and accurate assessments. Their Executive Summary of their "Biomonitoring Assessment of Canagagigue Creek in Elmira, Ontario: Sediment, fish, and toxicity and bioaccumulation results from 2014-2015" is worthy of our disgust. Similarily their covering letter of March 3, 2017 addressed to "Her Worship Mayor Sandy Shantz" is of equal honesty and value. It has a number of deceptive and misleading statements in it.

This entire process starting in 2012 has been one large scam. Everything possible has been done to make it next to impossible for ordinary citizens to keep up with the process. Report after report spread over five years requires almost regular rereading and restudy in order to keep up with the latest misdirection and deceptive words and text in the Ministry's next report. They build their case upon falsehoods in their reports from five years ago.

This has been much easier over the last two and a half years due to either the stupidity or corruption of Sandy and Mark. It could be one or both, I've given up trying to figure it out. CPAC members including myself have been BANNED from asking questions or even making comments during public meetings regarding Chemtura and the Ministry of Environment. FOUR TIMES PER YEAR we are allowed to present a ten minute Delegation to RAC. That's it. We can not ask questions at all nor can we make comments during the rest of the meeting. The most knowledgable and honest citizens have been intentionally excluded from the process by the actions and behaviours of politicians essentially working on behalf of the polluter and his corrupt regulator.

The timing is exquisite. Now is the time for Chemtura and the M.O.E. to strike. Despite all the evidence clearly indicating adverse effects in the natural environment due to both past and ongoing discharges of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) into the Canagagigue Creek; they are going to get away without cleanup. More monitoring, more investigation and more assessment. Meanwhile the sediments are well above criteria up and down the creek as are the concentrations of POPs in benthic organisms as well as fish tissues. Shameful and disgusting. Once again thank you Mark and Sandy. Chemtura thanks you and so does the Ministry of Environment.

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