Sunday, August 13, 2023


 What they have learned with the Qualified Pe#$^*+ affair is that the Region of Waterloo as well as the Ontario Ministry of Environment have no intention of opening any cans of worms. "Cans of worms" is defined as any new information or data that might 1) upset the public 2) upset Lanxess 3) upset the Region 4) upset the Township. Basically let sleeping, dead or muzzled dogs lie. Do not stir the pot. Once a political deal is done let no environmentalist tear it asunder. 

How shocking that the Region's coverup was so amateurish. Despite lots of evidence to the contrary Uniroyal/Lanxess continues to operate as if they had done nothing wrong. So people died, so people got sick. They'd have died anyways eventually. They'd have gotten sick anyways, eventually. It's a whole new set of rules for corporations or when big money is involved.

Call  consultants  Qualified Penises versus Qualified Persons and you are a horrible human being.  Anybody remember "sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me" chants from our youth? Maybe a small exaggeration but only a small one. Uniroyal Chemical have not cleaned up their site. They have not cleaned up the Elmira Aquifers to drinking water standards. They have not begun to clean up the Canagagigue Creek. Those are the important things. Continued dissembling and coverups on their behalf will never get anything cleaned up.

Meanwhile while excuses abound, June's pumping & treating of the Elmira Aquifers set a new record - for low pumping rates. Meanwhile east side commercial and industrial expansion including the Elmira Bypass is planned to literally coverup Uniroyal contamination on both the Stroh and Martin farms. Finally the Lanxess/MECP plan for the Canagagigue Creek includes zero downstream cleanup of DDT, dioxins, PAHs, mercury and PCBs. Tons of excuses and mathematical contrivances say it's all good when it is not. Elmira is one more in a long litany of Ontario and Canada environmental disasters improperly cleaned up. What a mess we are leaving future generations.

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