Thursday, March 2, 2023


 OMG ! This is (at last) just scratching the surface but is still an incredible public admission as to how perverted and corrupted our criminal Justice System is in Canada. The "corrupted" is corrupted as in "...riddled with errors...". This recently introduced federal legislation has been overdue for decades. Quoting from today's Waterloo Region Record article titled "Wrongful convictions plan mostly right"; "And all it took was over 80 known wrongful convictions; urgent recommendations from seven public inquiries; decades of lobbying by volunteer advocacy groups; and repeated pleas from exonerees."

80 known wrongful criminal convictions mostly for homicide. Good God and we still pretend that our Justice System isn't biased, incompetent, unwieldy, expensive and mostly just plain inaccurate? These are wrongful criminal convictions for murder! If under a system that allegedly demands a standard of proof of "Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" for crimes that include penalties of Life in Prison, then how many other wrongful criminal convictions are there for theft, assault, rape etc.? How many civil liabilities determined by a much lesser standard of proof of "On the balance of probabilities " are there?

Decades ago I began to understand how bad it was. The three M's come to mind namely Morin, Marshall and Milgaard. Guy Paul Morin, Donald Marshall and David Milgaard were all convicted wrongly in Canadian courts for murder. There have been so many others over the decades including Stephen Truscott and others convicted of murder when in some cases there hadn't even been a crime convicted. Junk science has convicted Canadians of murder in cases later found to be death by natural causes.

Shame on all senior Justice System personnel including Judges who sit on their  fat asses arrogantly advising as to how wonderful and world class our Judicial System is  when they have to have known themselves how seriously broken it's always been.



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  1. There is ONE REALITY in our modern society in that there are 2 tiers: so called professionals get paid very highly no matter what they produce and the rest of us only get paid the minimal amount IF we produce the contracted results. This problem also indicates the solution!