Monday, February 13, 2023


 Oh what a non-surprise. Our Justice system fails Canadians every day of the week. This report focuses on our criminal Justice System but I'm here to tell you that our Justice System is broken from top to bottom including the so called civil justice system. Biased judges are neither reprimanded, disciplined nor removed. The dishonourable Robert Reilly is but one example of that in Kitchener, Ontario. The bias can be by class, race, wealth, gender, personality, appearance, lack of respect for perverted authority or whatever biases the judge has. Keep in mind the sources of judges. They are former lawyers who have been politically elevated to a judgeship often based upon their political volunteerism, efforts and support of the right political party. Is it any wonder that we get some real sh.ts as judges?

Today's Waterloo Region Record carries the following front page story titled "Advocates renew plea for Canadian Black justice plan". These "advocates" by the way include the United Nations, Justice Minister David Lametti, M.P.P. Matthew Green and our own inimitable Prime Minister J. Trudeau. All of them admit to systemic judicial failures regarding the treatment of visible minorities primarily Blacks. 

Guess what folks? Any system, justice or otherwise, that discriminates against one group of human beings is a corrupt system. Do you actually believe that liars, cheats and thieves only practice their skills against Black people? Do you think that they only treat citizens unfairly based upon skin colour? Yes it is easier to measure discrimination when it is done based upon an obvious difference in appearance (i.e. skin colour). The rest of their biases are just as rotten and insidious whatever their perverted criteria are. 

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