Wednesday, July 20, 2022


 Do you think that warnings given whether on deeds or elsewhere will actually dissuade buyers or renters from moving into the new affordable housing proposed on Union St. in Elmira across from Uniroyal/Lanxess and Sulco (CCC)? We are in the midst of a housing crisis whether a cost crisis or a supply and demand crisis. Any housing (especially new) put on the market will be filled. It doesn't have to be just immigrants, English as a second language folks or even out of town Canadians who will leap at more reasonable residential rental or buying opportunities .

   Of course it will help if they are younger and less experienced politically and economically. I view it as a less sophisticated but much greater risk gambling scenario. Yes we all want our own homes, master of our domain, king of the castle and in charge of our tiny lived environment. Parents want their children to be able to literally step out their door into a front or back yard in order to play outside. Perhaps parents want to be able to sit on their front porches and say hello to neighbours passing by. But at what cost?

   No parents will knowingly subject themselves much less their children to the risk of toxic, potentially life altering chemical emissions literally from across the road. This in fact is why there are provincially mandated separation distances and buffer zones between chemical industries and residential homes. It appears that once again any legislation or policies to protect citizens from serious dangers they are unaware of will always be trumped by the profits available to developers, builders and other behind the scenes government lobby groups. Exemptions, work arounds and "mitigation" of issues are the keywords in planning. Nothing, no matter how stupid, lacking in common sense or dangerous can not be overcome or bypassed. On paper at least.   

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