Wednesday, January 27, 2021


What a pathetic joke TAG (& RAC) are compared to even UPAC and CPAC in their early days. Then of course there were nearly four years of CPAC from May 2011 until January 2015 when the three guilty parties above attempted to spin and put a good face on their pathetic attempts at cleanup and were dismayed and stunned by CPAC's outright rejection of their neverending bull.hit. Chemtura, CRA and the Ontario MOE/MECP at least showed up regularly to answer some questions honestly, albeit most dishonestly. Now since September 2015, those parties don't even regularly show up at all to TAG unless there is a special request or event. Then of course they are as arrogant, self-entitled and dogmatic as ever and TAG do not appropriately publicly spank therm. ............................................................................................................. As much as possible, Lanxess have ignored and talked over any and all environmental concerns that TAG have expressed regarding the Stroh property. Essentially Lanxess do not debate nor do they even discuss contrary opinions or facts. They are in charge and all our authorities bow down to them and their sickening pretense of science, facts and reasonableness. They determine agendas, meeting dates, timing, scoping of issues, cleanup expenses, whom are invited to sit on TAG, MOE/MECP timing of new Control Orders, even I suspect some of the MOE/MECP issues and concerns are run by Lanxess prior to being put in writing and issued to TAG members. In a legal setting it compares to an alleged mass murderer being entirely in charge of his own defence, prosecution, choice of judges, timing of trial dates and even which members of either the media or the public are allowed to attend. It's one hell of a system that our politicians have handed to polluters both in Ontario and likely in Canada. The politicians literally have sold their souls and betrayed their own citizens all for the unholy dollar.

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  1. It is obvious that you have found the area where the evidence of serious chemical contamination exists and that is EXACTLY why this is the last place that they want to test!

    The Elevation Maps and Site Maps are glaring evidence that are screaming for discovery!

    Not only will the chemicals be found in this area just under the surface in the compacted soil, but even more critically the mere existence of chemicals reaching this point and obviously then draining south by gravity WOULD PROVE the negligence and the MOTIVE and the "MENS REA" OF THE 2 MAIN STAKEHOLDERS at the very least!

    It is also very obvious that these 2 next door neighbors worked together LONGTERM to accomplish the same mutual goal and frankly the simple fact that the farm family went along with the chemical company is the key evidence of the core of the corruption!