Monday, September 28, 2020


I've been recently reviewing the CH2M HILL March 1991 report titled "Elmira/St. Jacobs Water Supply Project Volume I". I have long understood that the "surprise" discovery of NDMA in the south wellfield was staged both as a face saving device for the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) as well as a manufactured for the public, "crisis", that would assist our authorities in pushing Uniroyal Chemical into even greater cleanup mode. Now make no mistake, cleanup had been underway throughout the 1980s as all our political authorities began to realize what a mess they (Region, Township, Province) had made in Elmira, Ontario. They had at the very least condoned idiotic toxic waste disposal for fourty years in and around not only a wonderful natural resource, the Elmira Aquifers, but had also allowed the Canagagigue Creek to be used as a sewer in order to spread Uniroyal's toxins downstream, far and wide. ............................................................................................................. Even the federal government through the Department of Supply & Services (DSS) were involved in a remediation study that included Environment Canada, MOE, and Uniroyal Chemical in Elmira. This March 1991 report by CH2M HILL also included a hydrogeolofical evaluation of the Elmira aquifer System. Now after the "Elmira Water Crisis" struck in November 1989, the feds up and took off. Could this have been part of the manufactured crisis to allow all the political guilty parties (Township, Region, MOE) to control the narrative? Afterall as far as politicians are concerned the story or narrative going out to the public is every bit as important (or more so) than actual health crisis itself. Afterall this is a decades long poisoned water story at its heart. That surely had to be spun to avoid public outrage and public demands that heads roll or even that criminal prosecution should occur. When you think about it, imagine if one individual was caught poisoning one neighbour's food or water. That individual would end up doing quality jail time. Not so in Elmira for Uniroyal Chemical, the MOE, Woolwich Township or the Region of Waterloo.

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