Saturday, May 4, 2019


Is the third time the charm? Why would Hawk Ridge Homes even try a third time to get a zoning change and planning approval for their proposed residential housing units across from Sulco (CCC) and Lanxess (Uniroyal) on Union St. in Elmira? The neophyte might suggest because they believe that they have adequately addressed the noise issue that scuppered them in front of the OMB several years back. A skeptic however (none of those nearby???) might suggest that the proponents of this development have an ace in the hole. Perhaps they've made private arrangements ahead of time to increase the likelihood of getting this project to finally proceed despite it neither being in the public interest nor the interest of future buyers of their homes. It is of course in the money making interests of the developers as it always is first and foremost.

The on-line Council package for this Tuesday's council meeting is an eye opener. Many of the past written and verbal comments in opposition to this proposed subdivision are included including my own. To say that the proposal has been an incredibly brassy, narrow sighted and self-serving plan thoroughly blinkered from reality is an understatement. The focus was and is on noise complaints rather than on life and death concerns when locating beside a chemical giant with a history of spills, fires, explosions and fugitive air releases of highly toxic chemicals. It is an abomination and I smell a huge rat albeit not the first nor the last time in Woolwich Township.

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