Saturday, April 6, 2019


Now I'm not categorically saying that the decision by the Ontario Court of Appeal dismissing the class action suit against the regional police, police board and police union is categorically a case of home cooking. It might be, it might not. I'm not positive because I wasn't personally there to hear the arguments of the various professional liars, oops sorry I meant lawyers, who addressed the Ontario Court of Appeal. In regards to lawyers jokes before I tell one I'm going to say the following. I have met some lawyers whom I both like and respect both inside and outside court. That said here goes. "It isn't fair that 98.5% of lawyers give all the rest a bad name." There I got that out of my system.

Speaking of lawyers that I don't like there is James Bennett. Son of a gun if he didn't make an amazing admission on behalf of his client the police services board. As of last Wednesday I believe that the K-W Record indicated that his clients were both the civilian police board (in my opinion mostly filled by toadies and retired politicians) and the police association (i.e. union). Regardless Mr. Bennett has been quoted as now stating that "...he did not dispute the allegations made by the female officers." Wow! Talk about extending an olive branch. If that is true and all parties including police, police union and police board are willing to enter into talks, negotiations and discussions with that on the table; then maybe, just maybe, there is some slim hope for those three parties to make amends, apologize, and as late in the day as it is, to restore some semblance of integrity and honesty to their organizations. Time will tell.

The lawyer for the three plaintiff officers, Doug Elliot, stated in regards to the decision of the Court of Appeal that "The idea that there is more that could have been done by our class members is ridiculous." He also stated "I don't think they (judges) understand the challenges these women faced in getting the system to work for them." It is my suspicion that the three judges at the Court of Appeal likely understood full well the challenges the female police officers faced. After all those challenges were imposed on purpose by the three defendants (police, board & union) in the first place. None of them wanted an honest process nor did the majority of their relatively uneducated, older, white, male members. This behaviour within institutions was exposed clearly with the City of Waterloo back in the early 1990s. Police forces, military and fire departments with their psuedo military discipline and ranks only exacerbate entrenched discrimination against minorities whether racial or gender. It's a boys club and all the members know you have to play ball and follow any and all stupid rules to stay in good standing within those organizations. Many of the female members have had enough of the bullshi. and are rather bluntly, metaphorically, extending their middle fingers at the status quo and the dinosaurs defending it.

Back to the Court of Appeal. The article in today's Waterloo Region Record is titled "Lawsuit against Waterloo Regional Police can't proceed, Appeal Court rules". Is it possible that three very financially entitled and appointed by politicians, judges, would be involved in home cooking? I think that it is possible but then based upon my experience, I'm a skeptic. If the Supreme Court of Canada takes the case and finds in favour of the class action lawsuit then I would categorically suggest that the word corrupt as defined as "riddled with errors" should apply to the two lower courts. I personally have seen corruption in our lower courts. How high does it go?

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