Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Last Saturday's Waterloo Region Record carried this story titled "Man faces charges in dumping of toxic waste". Originally a William Hector, 51, of Kitchener was charged with mischief to property for illegally dumping the waste at a sugar bush property near Conestogo. Mr Hector has since died and those charges were dropped. Now a Ronald Soha with a numbered company , formerly known as Madison Steel, has been charged for illegally dumping the same barrels of waste into the same sugar bush.

O.K. so if Mr. Hector who owned a small, local moving company dropped the barrels off near Conestogo then can we understand that Mr. Soha was allegedly the original source or just a middleman himself? These barrels contained oily wastes, waste oil and P.C.B.s. The P.C.B.s are the main concern here as they are so toxic they are often referred to as "near Dioxins". Structurally and chemically htey both consist of two benzene rings with chlorine atoms attached to the outside of the rings.

It seems obvious that somehow our authorities whether police of Ministry of the Environment have found themselves a trail of breadcrumbs allegedly back to Mr. Soha. I wonder where it goes from there? P.C.B.s have not been manufactured in decades and the intent is to both get them out and keep them out of the natural enviromment.

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