Friday, February 9, 2018


It's almost as if they are so set in their bad habits that even when they know they're going to get hammered, they just can't help themselves. Yesterday's Woolwich Observer has the following title for their Editorial namely "Vacancy gambit means council has to deliver". Gambit it most certainly is. The Application process is straightforward however the selection process is not. In fact the Observer's Editorial states that if the selection process is "based on some perceived notion of harmony" that that is neither ideal nor should it even be considered.

The whole idea of an Application process is muddleheaded. The quickest and most obviously democratic method was to have appointed the first place runner-up in Ward 1 in the last election namely Dr. Dan Holt. This new plan by Council "...means that five councillors will select a new colleague rather than the people of Elmira, 1036 of whom chose Holt in 2014.".

The Observer correctly states that appointing anybody else will lead to charges of bias, self-serving decisions or simple pettiness. I vote for all three of those. Dr. Holt put this council firmly in their place during March and April 2016. They attempted to harass and discriminate against him by frivolously and arrogantly refusing to let him speak as a registered Delegate to council. He with grace, logic and humour managed to get them to temporarily back down and allow him to speak. Then at the next Council meeting, as described in yesterday's posting, he, myself and Lynne Hare ripped this Council to shreds for their disgusting and bullying behaviour. They ran for cover and backed down from their undemocratic and nasty behaviour. Now they as usual are hiding their bad motives behind process and will pick a candidate who suits their purposes. At the moment all bets are on the dumbest, least competent and most malleable person they can find.

The Observer's Editorial suggests that Council can still do the right thing and appoint Dr. Holt. Of course they can just as they could have done it a week and a half ago. Clearly however appointing the best, the brightest and the strongest citizen to Council does not suit their agenda.

The text below this cartoon in yesterday's Woolwich Observer (Scott Arnold 2018) is as follows:

"First there was Big Brother Canada. Now the finest in reality TV comes to Woolwich in the selection of a new member of the household..."

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