Thursday, February 15, 2018


The amazing thing is these problems were discussed in 2005. It was another seven to nine years before CPAC under Dr. Dan Holt blew both issues wide open. We now know thanks to Dr. Gail Krantzberg, Peter Gray (MTE), myself and the rest of CPAC at that time that the 2028 cleanup deadline for the Elmira Aquifers will not happen and that contaminants have been diverted eastwards and southwards where they eventually flow back into the Canagagigue Creek.

In the June 3, 2005 Elmira Independent issue, Dr. Henry Regier took Crompton and Conestoga Rovers to task for their "North-east Groundwater Surface water Interaction and Assessment Report". Henry stated "My bottom line is, I don't find much useful information in this report...". He further added "It was done in such a way as not to find something". At that time we had no idea of the existence of the Stroh Drain just to the east nor did we know of the possibility of an Interceptor Trench or pipeline carrying contaminated Uniroyal/Crompton groundwater eastwards and southwards. In 2005 we did know however that the gross contamination on the east side had to be going somewhere.

In the July 13, 2005 K-W Record we were advised that "Agent Orange victims launch suit". This was in regards to Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in New Brunswick. At the moment I expect that this suit is still before the courts based upon their inability to do anything in a timely manner. Orperhaps there has been a settlement.

The October 1, 2005 Woolwich Observer advised us that "Crompton site remediation behind schedule". Wilf Ruland expressed his grave concern with the failure of Crompton to keep the off-asite pumping wells going at their full target rates over the long term. Of course jeff merriman gave the excuse that ammonia in the groundwater was holding their pumping back as it couldn't be treated and was harmful to discharge into the creek. Funny how he "forgot" that their consultants CRA had minimized the ammonia problems and assured everybody that a little polishing in the Region of Waterloo Elmira Sewage Treatment Plant for a couple of years would handle the problem. As usual CRA were talking through their hats.


  1. Why do you keep going back to things that happened 13 years ago. I am lost lately with your posts and the relevance to today's issues. Just me I presume.

  2. Yup just you! Kidding. It's for a couple of reasons. One to show that the public consultation has been going around in circles for decades. Yes we have learned new facts in the last several years which tends to show how the various "authorities" misinformed us for years.