Tuesday, February 20, 2018


All the bragging! All the puffery! All the horse manure and lies out of Chemtura and now apparently Lanxess. We've had twenty years of lying and our stupid local politicians pretend that we are impatient or unreasonable. Or maybe that's the problem. Our politicians are stupid. They don't know the pumping numbers month by month or year by year since 1998. The twenty year anniversary of off-site (ie. the Elmira Aquifers versus pumping on the Chemtura/Lanxess site) pumping is this coming August.

The Target pumping rate for 1999 was 49.3 litres per second for all the off-site wells namely W3, W4, W5A/B and E7. Of course they only pumped an average of 34.2 litres per second that year. The Target rate increased quickly to 57 and 64.5 litres per second the next year. Of course they only pumped an average for the year of 45.3 litres per second. And so it has gone on since. The target rate goes up and down and in twenty years of pumping they've met their target rate annually all of four full years and for half of 2009. Now 2017 was their best year ever with an average of 61.8 litres per second pumped. I still have to work out the pumping Target for that year however 61.8 l/sec does not beat the highest Target rate of 64.5 l/sec which ran from 2003 until half way through 2009. But mind you they didn't make it in any of those years either.

Finally how good was their most recent month namely January 2018. Well they pumped 58 litres per second which on an annual basis is their fourth highest in the past twenty years. Therefore no one disputes that their pumping has been very consistent and steady the last three years. The problem is that it has been anything but for the large majority of the previous sixteen years. Then when we look at their promises it all falls apart. In November 2012 they promised us a tripling of the off-site pumping. Then Jeff Merriman on behalf of Chemtura downgraded that to a doubling of the pumping rates without a moment's hesitation, shame or explanation. And they aren't even close. Close would be in the vicinity of 150 litres per second for a tripling and at least 100 litres per second or more for a doubling. And all Chemtura/Lanxess's fellow travellors (M.O.E., consultants, politicians) allegedly don't understand why we say that the company's promises are bullshit and always will be bullshit.


  1. Oh well such is reality. One question I have is who do you mean when you say we?

  2. We stands for all the victims of this polluters actions and words. It also stands for the citizens past and present who have stood up to both the polluter and their alleged regulator (M.O.E.).