Wednesday, December 27, 2017


In one sense there has been an abyss of data since the groundbreaking CPAC revelations in September/October 2014. Three years plus with zero followup by either Chemtura/Lanxess or the Ontario Ministry of Environment in regards to the construction date and details of the "Stroh Drain". Zero followup in regards to the source of ongoing water (enhanced?) flowing from the pipe at the north end of the Stroh Drain. Zero followup to the public claims along with my 2'x4' map showing surface contour lines and how the bulk of all highly contaminated wastewater that both overflowed from the east side ponds as well as was deliberately drained (as per Jeff Merriman), flowed southwards only initially and then followed the slope of the land eastwards directly into the Stroh Drain. Zero followup /explanation or even factual fictions or alternative facts as to the clearly man made construction expressed as lines in the earth from the extreme north end of the Uniroyal/Chemtura site southwards and eastwards off their site immediately below the sort of most southerly pit (RPE-5). These lines or markings have been shown publicly at both CPAC and Woolwich Council meetings after being printed out from both Google satellite maps as well as Region of Waterloo satellite/aerial photos. I have publicly expressed my opinion that they are either a collector trench designed to collect contaminated eastside groundwater and divert it off-site eastwards for later discharge into the Canagagigue Creek or they are some sort of PRV or Permeable Reactive Barrier intended to react with contaminants and help break them down. The Waterloo Barrier (Univ. of Waterloo) I believe when invented used iron filings to react with organic compounds to break them down. Lastly zero followup with my and CPAC's revelations that the 2013 Dioxin & DDT allegedly volunteer "cleanup" of GP! & 2 may have been a sham. It now appears from old maps that GP1 was not located on the south side of the diagonal ridge (NW-SE) or high ground but on the north side of it. Therefore Chemtura may have intentionally spent $3 million primarily for appearances although they certainly did remove some contamination.

This cover your ears, close your eyes and hold your nose strategy by politicians and their partners in pollution is tried and true. People rarely can indefinitely maintain their anger and outrage. That said Chemtura/Lanxess, CRA/GHD and the Ontario MOECC have been investigating (slowly) the east side lands looking for evidence that Uniroyal compounds indeed did travel both due east from Uniroyal onto the Stroh farm as well as southwards and then via the "Gap" eastwards into the Stroh Drain. Of course this area called the "Gap" was so named because of Conestoga Rover's (CRA) initial 2015 study in which they carefully, meticulously and excruciatingly totally avoided taking any samples in this 170-200 metre area along their eastern property line with the Stroh property. This "Gap" area is the area that CRA intentionally avoided that appears topographically as the likely area both for overland flow from the further north pits as well as the more likely location for GP1 (gravel Pit 1).

Other evidence has been discovered by CPAC since. We however are prohibited from giving Delegations or even asking questions at public TAG (Technical Advisory Group) meetings. Smells a lot like a part of Woolwich Council's ongoing coverup of all things Uniroyal over the decades. A couple of Delegations have been given to RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) by myself on behalf of CPAC regarding downstream fish grossly contaminated with Dioxins/Furans, DDT, PCBs & Mercury. Unfortunately during the past year these four times per year RAC meetings have been devalued into but twice per year meetings (Sept. 2017 & March 2018). Similarly TAG meetings scheduled for 8-10 times per year have also been cut back. Last July and then this month December with the next meeting in March 2018. That is also pathetic.

We now have hard evidence that the Stroh Drain has indeed been flowing constantly and moving contamination downstream as a by-pass for decades. This came indirectly from a current CPAC team member through their professional contacts. This will somewhat complicate any phony narratives in the works if heaven forbid Chemtura/Lanxess ever become obligated to publicly answer questions from informed members of the public and residents of Woolwich Township.


  1. Guess Stroh Drain is like the USA Area 51!! And the cover up continues. To bad the acronym CRA doesn't keep making me think the Feds and Revenue Canada are involved.