Tuesday, December 5, 2017


TAG or the Technical Advisory Group will be held this Thursday in Woolwich Council Chambers at 6:30 pm.. This is the first TAG meeting since last July ie. in five months. I did send a comment to Chair Tiffany Svensson advising that this was too long of a time period between meetings although in hindsight I failed to include the many reasons why.

I also sent Ms. Svensson a copy of Dr. Henry Regier's 2004 "SSRA as Applied to a Contaminated Site in Elmira, Ontario". This is a fairly in depth critique of the whole process and particularly how it can be inappropriately used for greenwashing. We here in Elmira have been through the process before and seen it's use and abuse.

We have been advised that preliminary results from soil and sediment testing will be presented on Thursday. These include soil samples (& possibly groundwater) from just inside the Stroh property line on the east side of Chemtura/lanxess. The soil results from two years ago taken just on the Chemtura side of the property line were far in excess of provincial criteria for both Dioxins/Furans and DDT. Similarly sediment readings from the bottom of the Canagagigue Creek well downstream have also been in excess of provincial criteria over the last five years. The locations to date have not been properly representative of the entirety of the creek, for self-serving purposes (ie. Chemtura/CRA) and written reports from myself and CPAC have so advised the Ministry of Environment and other parties.

TAG members have exhibited some serious efforts and some good work. Whether that will be enough to balance out professional truth benders and government supported deafness and blindness to logical and reasonable criticisms is unlikely. What is also unlikely, albeit not impossible, is that the devastating repudiations of much of Chemtura/Lanxess's and CRA's psuedo science; is going to actually result in a substantially improved cleanup of the Elmira Aquifers, the off-site east side and the Canagagigue Creek. An improvement to Chemtura/lanxess's actual property remains a goal as well despite pro business, anti-science and anti-environment Ontario legislation on the matter.

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