Friday, December 8, 2017


Last evening at the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) was a disappointment. I and the other four CPAC members present had good reason to believe that we the public would be receiving the preliminary results of soil testing on the Stroh property to the immediate east of Chemtura. Not so. More delays and rescheduling. Speaking of delays and rescheduling the latest dates for TAG and RAC meetings have been somewhat confirmed. TAG meetings are March 15/18 and April 19/18. RAC is scheduled for one week after each of those TAG meetings meaning March 22 and April 26 (tentatively). Put in perspective last night's TAG meeting was five months after the previous one (July 20/17) and the next TAG meeting is three months away. That is totally unacceptable at any time for the public to stay informed especially as our local media (Woolwich Observer) have fallen off the face of the earth in regards to Chemtura/Lanxess and our ground and surface water clean ups. RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) meanwhile only meet four times a year allegedly as their last meeting was September 7/17 and the next one isn't until March 22/18 a six month time gap. In other words we (CPAC) used to see and question Chemtura ten times a year and now a grand total of two citizens from TAG can only ask them questions twice a year. CONGRATULATIONS SANDY & MARK! You have totally destroyed even pretend public consultation here in Elmira. SHAME ON YOU!

The good news is that the TAG members are trying and are sincere. The problem is that most of them are brand new and have no idea of what the standard for meeting was over the last twenty-six years. They do not know what even partial accountability means. First and foremost it means the Ministry of Environment and Chemtura/Lanxess showing up and defending their decisions and positions. That is gone. Once again no sign of them last evening at TAG because the Township set up the Terms of Reference exactly as Chemtura wanted. It's one thing for the M.O.E. and Chemtura to boycott meetings when their tender little feelings have been ruffled. That blame is all on them. This however, whereby the Township have given them carte blanche not to attend, is disgusting.

Outside of the TAG meeting last evening we were advised that their will be a public viewing of the Uniroyal/Elmira Documentary next month. The Documentary has been in the making for at least the last four years and CPAC, Chemtura and the M.O.E. were among those interviewed. The date for the showing is January 22/18 although the venue is still tentative. More news will be forthcoming. The two persons involved (Videographers) are Michael Heitmann and Bonita Wagler and having seen a Draft of the Documentary I am very optimistic.

There will be a more detailed description of last evening's TAG meeting tomorrow in my Saturday post. Monthly Progress Reports as well as the biennial Bio-Monitoring Report were discussed in some detail last evening. TAG members have had some private meetings with Lanxess to discuss matters but that is of little significance to the public. Afterall we had huge issues getting them to keep their promises when they made them publicly and with the media present. How easy will it be now to renege on promises when there is no public record of them ever having been made in the first place? Some TAG members remain optimistic that the new owners of both Chemtura and Conestoga Rovers are an improvement. I remain skeptical especially due to the time delays and the public disappearance of both these companies.

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  1. I have been investigating the effects of nitrosodimethylamine in US drinking water for 20 years now, so the Elmira film is very exciting.