Friday, December 1, 2017


Why wouldn`t concerned citizens tend to get a little aggressive with a company whose modus operandi was based upon delays and deception. Why wouldn`t or shouldn`t citizens become upset with never ending excuses and going in circles. CPAC from 2011-2015 however were always polite albeit they did begin to push hard including bluntly telling both Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment when they (CPAC) were not satisfied with their responses. This of course is in direct contravention to the claims of some liars close to Sandy Shantz. For their own self-serving purposes they agreed with Chemtura and the M.O.E. that they`d been treated ``unprofessionally``. If unprofessionally means bluntly and without undue deference then so be it. If professionally means lying constantly then I sure as hell never want to be known as a professional. Quoting a past citizen ``the suits do their death dance``. That`s the kind of ``professionalism`` we`ve had in Elmira for the last thirty years.

The July 11, 2003 Elmira Independent spoke to Crompton`s failing their fourth *Responsible Care verification attempt. The ``lack of trust from advisory committee considered a significant issue.``. Interestingly in those days Susan Bryant had a clear view of Crompton`s consultants as she stated ``we have our consultants and they have theirs.``.

Bob Burrt in the K-W Record advised that Nutrite would be attending an Environmental Appeal Board hearing in November 2003. Crompton had already filed a lawsuit against Nutrite for compensation for their ammonia cleanup costs. This was a mere fourteen years after the Elmira drinking wells were shut down and eleven years after on-site pumping to hydraulically contain Uniroyal`s toxins on their own property.

During August and September 2003 it was determined that there were still some homes and businesses using Elmira`s contaminated groundwater via private wells. Later on Woolwich passed a by-law prohibiting these private uses.

The September 27, 2003 edition of the Woolwich Observer gave a listing of the various chemicals in fish in the Canagagigue Creek. These included mercury, pesticides, DDT, Dioxins & Furans and PCBs. Uncontained groundwater was still entering the ``Gig`` from Crompton. This was in the days that the Observer routinely recognized that these were public interest issues requiring media attention.

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