Monday, August 21, 2017


Back on August 10, 2017 the Waterloo Region Record published the following story titled ""Very nasty" giant hogweed plant spreading in Ontario". At its' worst it can cause third degree burns as well as blindness. It can be found in gardens, along roadsides and on the shores of rivers and streams. It's actual method of harm is somewhat bizarre as it requires the sap to touch your skin and then is only activated by sunlight later on, as in a day or many later. The article even suggests that it takes repeated exposure to the sun to activate the sap.

As close by as Guelph has giant hogweed and while it has been contained to two locations eradicating it has proven very difficult. The plant is also very aggressive and combined with its' size of up to three metres tall, can crowd out native species. When growing along waterways its' seeds can be carried downriver and hence spread quickly.

Local authorities are attempting to educate people to be very careful around the plant and to report its' presence to local parks officials when it is spotted.

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