Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Also kudos to the Woolwich Observer. Back on June 24, 2000 they ran an Opinion piece ("Our View") stating that the only reason Uniroyal Chemical returned to the UPAC table was because the Canadian Chemical Producers Association (CCPA) advised them that if they didn't attend and participate in the community's public advisory committee then they would never receive *Responsible care verification. WOW!

Odour complaints were still an issue as the August 5, 2000 Woolwich Observer quoted Terry Machen as saying "The odours started on Thursday (and) by Saturday night I couldn't take anymore; I couldn't breathe.".

Sylvia Berg in the August 12, 2000 K-W Record, Bob Burtt's article, stated in regards to Uniroyal's rejoining UPAC "If it is going to be the same high-handed approach that we saw before, I think the committee will have to assess the situation and see if it is appropriate to have them there or not.". In the same article Bob Burtt wrote "While David Ash said he is enthusiastic about the return, Berg said the company agreed to return only after it had its' knuckles rapped by the CCPA.".

Finally in a Letter To The editor Sylvia continued her attack on Ash and Uniroyal's credibility with "If you were more concerned about the aggravation you are causing your neighbours then you might stand a chance of being verified by the Responsible Care program of the CCPA instead of being rejected, yet again.". Go Sylvia! These kinds of honest but scathing comments from Sylvia Berg were exactly what were needed both then and now.

In the August 12, 2000 Woolwich Observer I am quoted as crapping all over private meetings between UPAC and Uniroyal. There was a suggestion that three representatives from UPAC sit down with Uniroyal ahead of time. Both Henry Regier and myself felt that that was unnecessary and indeed foolish. I spoke about long term ongoing gamesmanship between Uniroyal, the Ministry of Environment and Woolwich Township. To this day that is still a constant. The one major exception was the 2010-2014 Woolwich Council. While they had their own issues undoubtedly they were however honest brokers environmentally and specifically in regards to Uniroyal/Chemtura. the one exception unsurprisingly was the sole holdover from the previous Council, one Mark Bauman.

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