Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Sandy loves to throw around the term conspiracy theories. Sandy isn't very bright but even she knows the truth on this matter. MECAC (Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee) are but one perfect example. Were their members truly independent citizens without preconceived bias one way or the other regarding investigating sitting municipal and regional politicians for filing either inaccurate or dishonest election financing reports? Not even close. Multiple former politicians both municipal and regional combined with other appointees by the very same institutions and people they were investigating. Beyond ridiculous and their results and decisions bare that out.

Then we have the educational system as well as the police. How is it that Sandy Shantz has ties with all of these groups? Oh yes it's because a majority of Woolwich voters including me who should have known better, sooner, thought that she was the real deal. We thought that she wanted to serve the public interest first and foremost. We were wrong and now as always will suffer for our ignorance. Sandy actually was elevated to Chair of the Waterloo Regional District School Board. They put her there because she looks good and speaks reasonably well. Oh and she won't ever rock the boat or the status quo. This WRDSB is the same one who for years has underachieved in their core goals of educating children. They also grossly underachieved in matters of integrity and morals in regards to the Ron Archer child abuse affair. Terms like "passing the trash" have been buttressed by decisions of the WRDSB.

Currently as Mayor of Woolwich Township Sandy is also a Regional Councillor. Her colleague on Regional Council Tom Galloway is Chair of the Police Services Board. News flash right now the Regional Police appropriately appear to be besmirching the reputations (tattered or otherwise) of their political masters namely Waterloo Regional Council.

Our beloved Waterloo Regional Police. Chiefs like Larry Gravill and Brian Larkin. Is "pretty boys" too blunt and rude? If so then let's at least also apply the term "pretty girls" to Sandy. How about Justin Trudeau? Liz Witmer in her younger days? Anybody see a pattern here? The biggest qualifications for leadership appear to be a pretty face combined with being a true believer. Oh and the ability to speak nicely on most occasions. Yes sometimes political parties and quasi government agencies do pick very smart individuals to be their leaders but it sure helps if they are also telegenic. It helps a lot. Most of us want to believe that our leaders are basically honest. News flash, very few are.

Kelly Donovan has gone public with a 93 page scathing report dealing with both the Waterloo Regional Police and other Ontario police forces. Today's Waterloo Region Record on the front page of the Local Section has an article titled "Ex-Officer criticizes police for "bullying"". It is so much more than that. It includes abuse of authority and depending upon one's definition, corruption. She was also interviewed by 570 radio yesterday as well as other media. The Cambridge Advocate whose link is to the right of this posting are carrying a link to her 93 page report issued to 45 different media outlets yesterday.

This Blog is primarily about environmental issues. However as I have learned the hard way, the environment isn't even second fiddle to politics. Politics and incompetent, ignorant and biased politicians make the decisions affecting environmental matters. Politicians are the reason this planet is going to hell in a handbasket. They are more concerned with short term gain and that includes support by the private sector who are making short term gains at the expense of the planet and most of the rest of us.

The left hand washes the right. The judicial system are more concerned about their own credibility and reputations than they are about truth and integrity. Just look at the never ending cases of wrongful conviction and imprisonment. The educational system spend more time and effort appearing wise than in actually being so and educating as well as protecting our children in their care. Our police forces according to the recent class action lawsuit filed in June against the Waterloo Regional Police Service as well as by Kelly Donovan are more about status, power, authority and maintaining internal discipline than they are about protecting our citizens. Wasting resources and money persecuting dissent within their organization weakens their efforts to protect us.

All these groups are ultimately accountable to our political leaders whether municipal, regional or provincial. All these groups tend to back each other up and generally are reluctant, albeit with some exceptions, to criticize or point fingers at each other. Our political leaders are inherently corrupt and self-serving. The old adage that it's not fair that 95% of politicians give all the rest a bad name is applicable here. How possibly can corruption, whatever it's type or definition at the top, not affect the integrity of organizations below? Afterall it's our political leaders who often appoint, reward and promote their favourite and loyal sons and daughters to positions of higher authority. We the citizens are supposed to blindly drink the Kool Aid and follow all their dictums no matter how prejudiced and unfair. Fortunately every now and again truth and light shine through at least for a little while.

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