Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Thursday July 20 at 6:30 pm. is the next Technical Advisory Group meeting. I desperately miss Dr. Richard Jackson who was such a breath of fresh air as Chair of TAG. He called a spade a spade and bullshit artists out for their crap. That would be the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Chemtura Canada. Tiffany Svensson is O.K. so far but neither she nor anybody else for that matter can hold a candle to "Dick".

TAG were supposed to have received a copy of the completed Canagagigue Creek Workplan by July 1, Canada Day. I'm skeptical but hopeful simultaneously. Now it would be nice if Woolwich Township or the TAG Chair would send these out to all stakeholders not just Sandy's friends on TAG. Again I'm skeptical but hopeful simultaneously.

The Remediation Advisory Committee Minutes are out and on the Township's website. Unsurprisingly my comment from the gallery was not included. My comment at the very end of the meeting came immediately after Mr. Flip Flop (Mark Bauman) flashed his world class hypocrisy when he had played favourites allowing Susan Bryant from the gallery to ask a question of Chemtura/Lanxess. Mark after then breaking his and Sandy's own rules ostentaciously suggested that he would take questions from the gallery as this was an open and transparent public process. Hence my out loud question "Since when?" No answer was provided once again indicating Mark and Sandy's hypocrisy.

Jason Rice of the M.O.E. stated that Bluntnose Minnows and Creek chub were not tested downstream because researchers could not find any. That is a bizarre answer and requires clarification. We are also advised that contrary to what we were told at the RAC meeting that a Director's Order to Mr. Stroh does not require posting on the Environmental Registry nor does it require a 45 day review period. What isn't clear is what appeal mechanisms if any are available to Mr. Stroh.

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