Monday, July 31, 2017


Anybody see the parallel here? In 1999 Councillor and later wanna be mayor Pat Mclean was adamant that it was up to UPAC to change in order to bring Uniroyal Chemical back to the table. The poor babies at Uniroyal were offended when the air sub-committee of UPAC accused them of not doing their best on behalf of the long suffering Duke St. residents. Then in 2015 it was Sandy Shantz's turn. She and fellow brain truster Mark Bauman decided to partake in a manufactured crisis occasioned by the absence again of Uniroyal/Chemtura from the public consultation table. CPAC were scapegoated for the decades long failures of both Chemtura and the Ministry of Environment.

In the September 24, 1999 Elmira Independent David Ash of Uniroyal said that they would not return to UPAC. Pat McLean stated that the onus was on UPAC to change in order to entice Uniroyal back to the table.

Other issues continued including a Director's Order from the M.O.E. formalizing abatement work on air issues to be done by Uniroyal Chemical.

In the December 24. 1999 issue of the Independent, Esther Thur spoke to UPAC about Lindane and it's harmful effects. David Ash responded in the media that Uniroyal would continue using a reduced amount of Lindane as a seed protectant.

In the December 31, 1999 issue of the Independent both Esther Thur and myself are quoted as being against making UPAC a committee of Council. Sylvia Berg was in favour of it. Esther stated "previous councils involvement did not help.".

The Woolwich Observer quoted myself on the matter as follows: "Council's history regarding Uniroyal does not inspire confidence." Further most prophetically "The chances of previous councils even allowing me to be a member of UPAC are somewhere between zero and nil." Finally "I am not interested in being a part of any group that requires Woolwich Council's approval." That speaks volumes today.

In the same issue Esther Thur stated "They (Council) have passed the buck to the M.O.E..". She further added "Back in the 1940s & 50s Uniroyal had three people on Council and the pollution was the worst it ever was.'. Henry regier added in behalf of UPAC's staying independent of Council that all the sub-committee meetings were also open to the public just like the monthly UPAC meeting.

The January 29, 2000 Woolwich Observer advised that negotiations were underway between Uniroyal and the M.O.E. to avoid a Stay hearing on the upcoming Director's Order. The Observer also mentioned in the previous week that APT had returned to UPAC after a 5 1/2 year boycott.

The January 15, 2000 Woolwich Observer made in my opinion a telling statement namely "The stay and appeal hearings give Woolwich Township Council an opportunity to reverse its' dismal track record when it comes to Uniroyal. Council has been decidely ineffective when dealing with the company.". It does make one wonder why Pat, albeit a Council member, wanted UPAC to be a committee of Council. Had she received some private assurances or other consideration for her support of the idea? If so from whom? Her buddy Mayor Strauss perhaps? Uniroyal? In my opinion it was the biggest sellout of citizens by any Council member up until Sandy and Mark's efforts in 2015. Funny how chummy Pat, Sandy, Susan and Mark still are.

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