Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The January 23, 1999 Woolwich Observer published an article by Patrick Moore regarding Uniroyal's Odour Report. This document was shared with the Ontario M.O.E. but not UPAC or the public initially. It turned out that Conestoga Rovers had been using a 26 year out of date computer model. RWDI of Guelph advised Uniroyal of this and suggested using AERMOD instead. Hence Uniroyal will be rerunning their M.O.E. ordered Odour Report using the more up to date computer model.

The January 22, 1999 Elmira Independent carried an article about the most recent UPAC (Uniroyal Public Advisory Committee) meeting. Murray Haight was still working for the M.O.E. keeping an eye on Uniroyal's behaviour. Both Ron Ormson and Gerry Heidbuurt advised that there was "a flood of calls" regarding odour complaints.

In the January 20, 1999 K-W Record we were advised that the Odour Report with the new modelling would be presented to UPAC and the public by March of 1999. Councillor Bram Hollman stated that "The odours are still there. They haven't gone away.".

Finally the January 22, 1999 Independent also contained a Letter To The Editor from myself. I discussed Uniroyal's recent history including chlorine spills, ammonia discharges and fires involving Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI). In reference to Uniroyal I further stated that "when it comes to honesty, integrity and intelligence, you, like Bill Clinton will always be willing to discuss the issue.". Turns out I was partially wrong on that matter. Turns out Uniroyal (Chemtura/Lanxess) no longer are always willing to discuss anything with either Council appointed reps (CPAC) or with the public. RAC and TAG have some good people but the public are not allowed to participate freely even via going through the Chair person. This Woolwich Council will wear the shame of that for a very long time.

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