Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Last week's Woolwich Observer carried an interesting report on Gravel Watch Ontario. The current vice-president of Gravel Watch is Tony Dowling of West Montrose, a former neighbour of mine. Tony helped lead the charge a few years back to protect the Covered Bridge area and experience from gravel pits being located extremely close nearby. Capitol Paving was but one of the developers who had bought a local farm or two for the purpose of turning it into a gravel pit.

A public meeting was held last evening in Aberfoyle by Gravel Watch and the Deputy Environmental Commissioner, Ellen Schwatrzel attended. The meeting was to better inform citizens regarding the potential environmental risks surrounding gravel pits. Overall one of Gravel watch's key aims is to provide resources for citizens to help them be better equipped to deal with gravel pit applications in their neighbourhoods.

The meeting was held at the Puslinch Community Centre in Aberfoyle and located next to the Nestle water operations in Aberfoyle. Currently Nestle are attempting to install a backup plant in Elora and if necessary extract water from wells on Middlebrook Rd. just outside Elora.

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