Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Jeff Merriman's Letter to the Editor in today's Waterloo Region Record is vintage wordsmanship, bullshit and overall nonsense. Jeff has spent more than two decades making excuses and spinning reality all in favour of Uniroyal/Chemtura's irresponsible corporate behaviour in Elmira, Ontario.

Yes Chemtura are actively (sort of) participating in a technical experts group at the moment although they have done so with CPAC for the last twenty-five years. During that time they attended meetings and actively ignored all advice that since has proven more credible and intelligent than the self-serving advice their consultants have given them. Chemtura are all about appearances and the Ministry of the Environment have enabled them for decades.

Yes new wells and pipelines have been installed more than four years after CPAC advised them and the public that their current cleanup regieme wasn't adequate. The old Woolwich Council endorsed that Resolution and Chemtura and their consultants pulled up their socks and got to work. Amazing what an honest and intelligent Woolwich Council can do when they are so motivated. All this current Council have done is sold out to Chemtura and the M.O.E..

Chemtura's models have never been "conservative". If they had been, then instead of being years behind schedule they'd be ahead of schedule. They and their consultants have botched the cleanup royally and each and every bad decision they've made has been motivated by money. That and that alone is what Chemtura are all about. The rest is puffery, appearances and lies.

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