Monday, August 15, 2016


The off-site Target pumping rate for the Elmira Aquifers has always fluctuated. Including the workhorse pumping well E7 at the south end of Elmira it has varied since the start of off-site pumping in 1998 from 30-35 litres per second (l/s) to a high of 64.5 l/s with a rate of 55.3 l/s for a long time. These pumping wells are W3, W4, W5A, W5B and E7. These changes in Target pumping rates have been both up and down depending upon Conestoga Rovers current feeble understanding of what was needed to reach the 2028 deadline for clean (sort of) drinking water.

To say that CRA have been talking through their hats for the last 27 years is the understatement of the century. Both Chemtura and the Ontario M.O.E. have been hiding behind CRA's credentialed experts as they've vacillated strategies, pumping rates and technical approaches to the cleanup. Any citizen who defends Conestoga Rovers's flip flops would have to be either stupid and incompetent (Pat Mc) or biased and a recipient of CRA's largesse (Susan B.) via editing contracts etc..

A recent major hydrogeological discovery has been that there is a coarse, basal gravel unit at the bottom of the Municipal Aquifers (MU & ML) and that the NDMA and Chlorobenzene plumes are stratified. In other words they are much higher concentrations the deeper they are tested for in the aquifers. This has been discovered via the implementation of VAS or Vertical Aquifer Sampling. Basically there are well screens at different levels within the same aquifer. Yours truly as a Delegation to the old CPAC made a presentation on this methodology many years ago and was as usual ignored by all the guilty parties. For the benefit of Darroll Bryant who has stupidly and with extreme pettiness criticized my 10 minute registered Delegations to the last CPAC in an upcoming Documentary; I would advise that you like Pat haven't a clue. Considering both Pat Mclean and your wife Susan also made a few Delegations to the last (current) CPAC you are also a hypocrite for suggesting that I had no right as a citizen to do the same thing.

The Remedial Action Plan Expansion Design Review completed by GHD (formerly CRA) recommends Scenario 11. It drops proposed wells W7 and W8 and suggests increased pumping in well W3R (R- replacement), continuation of wells W4, W5A/B, E7 and new pumping at wells W6A, W6B and W9A for a total of 106.5 l/s. As you can see this new total is almost double the former
Target pumping rate when it was at 55.3 l/s but is less than double the former pumping rate when it was at 64.5 l/s. Any alleged tripling of the off-site pumping rate as categorically stated by Chemtura shills and hacks back in 2012 was fantasy combined with wishful thinking.

Page 46 of this GHD Report gives some tantalizing information that the mass of Chlorobenzene off-site near the old Varnicolor Chemical plant has been understated over the decades. M.O.E. hydrogeologist Jaimie Connelly erred a few years back when he suggested that if DNAPL had flowed west from Uniroyal it would have left higher concentrations behind due to its' residual trails. In fact those higher concentrations do exist both west on the Nutrite (Yara) site as well as beside the Varnicolor site. This is another elephant in the Chemtura room in that DNAPLS still exist on their site AND they did flow off site to the west and slight south-west.

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