Saturday, August 6, 2016


Glyphosate is better known as Roundup, a herbicide invented by Monsanto. The more I read about it the more I realize how ubiquitous it has become in our environment. It is in drinking water as well as in cereal crops such as corn, wheat and soybeans. The volumes used in North America residentially and agriculturally are staggering because it does indeed kill weeds. The problem is the residues in food, water and the air we breathe. Amomg numerous negative health effects is the damage it does to beneficial bacteria in our guts.

When exactly did we hand over control of what we eat to business and government? When exactly did we say that corrupt governments can act as a buffer between outraged citizens and profit centred chemical companies? Who agreed that 100% lack of proof of toxicity equalled safety? This is the reality in both our food and water systems.

Over the last two years more and more evidence has been accumulating that Glyphosate contributes to numerous chronic and debilitating diseases in humans. These include autism, Parkinson's, diabetes, cancer and more. The science, exactly like the science surrounding tobacco, has been slow but steady and each new study raises more questions and concerns regarding the damage that glyphosate has done. How many of us are old enough to remember tobacco companies categorically denying any negative health effects from tobacco?

Every year the Region of Waterloo publish their Annual (Drinking) Water Reports for each municiaplity in the region. Glyphosate is normally indicated at a concentration of < 25 ppb or < 25 ug/l. This indicates that Glyphosate is found in our drinking water at less than 25 parts per billion. This is essentially useless information. Firstly they don't tell us what the drinking water standard is although I can advise that it is both ridiculously high and above 25 ppb. Secondly by not telling us hypothetically that the Township's drinking water is at 17 ppb and the City of Kitchener closer to 4 we can not compare the results of agricultural use of Glyphosate and how it may have more dramatically impacted our rural areas than our cities.

The simplest explanation used by some is that cancer is a result of the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Perhaps the unfortunate cure for the plague of human beings on planet earth includes both birth and death control. In other words if we can't limit the numbers of new human beings day in and day out then perhaps governments long ago decided to begin to decrease the numbers of us reaching six, seven or eight decades of age. Do the silly buggers somehow think that they (politicians) can somehow avoid these poisons surrounding us?

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