Thursday, April 21, 2016


Well Steve Kannon of the Observer certainly has it right when he states "Forget the prodigal son.". It seems that no one is pleased to see Hawk Ridge Homes taking a second kick at the can on Union St. across from Chemtura and Sulco Chemicals. As mentioned yesterday speakers against the project included Ron Koniuch, Pat Mclean, myself, and Susan Bryant in that order. Steve Kannon managed to avoid mentioning my presentation regarding Hawk Ridge as well as my Delegation and handouts of five pages of Maps and Figures dealing with Chemtura Canada doing a phony cleanup of Dioxins and DDT at the wrong location on their site.

All the speakers did an excellent job making it clear that noise from shunting trains is simply a red herring. Yes it will be annoying to the proposed new residents but is unlikely to kill anyone. That fate will be most likely due to fires and explosions producing toxic gases of which oleum and anhydrous ammonia are only the tip of the iceberg.

One other item of interest in today's Observer is the public meeting in Council Chambers on May 19/16 regarding the presentation of a completed risk assessment for the former Varnicolor Chemical site, literally across First St. from the proposed Hawk Ridge Homes. The current owner, Elmira Pump, are hoping to redevelop the property ie. sell parts of it.

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