Tuesday, April 19, 2016


At the last Council meeting on April 5 our esteemed psuedo mayor spoke (as her own Delegation) prior to Dr. Dan Holt, Lynne Hare and myself. Her intent was to undermine the upcoming Delegations of three citizens. She did this by using incomplete truths, factual fictions and by gilding the lily. Fortunately for dmocracy, the environment and her re-election chances it backfired dramatically.

This evening I will be a Delegate and my topic is unremediated Chemtura Dioxin and DDT contamination. There are also two other topics of great importance this evening however. They are the appointment of a regional/municipal Ombudsman and the zone change and proposed plan of subdivision for Hawk Ridge Homes.

Firstly there is absolutely zero need for Waterloo Region to hire their own Ombudsman. It may be legal but all it is is a method to insulate our municipalities from real oversight by the provincial Ombudsman. While I admit that as of now I have not researched the specific company who have offerred their services, it seems obvious that he who pays the piper calls the tune. I fully expect that this "Ombudsman" will emulate the heinous performance of our MECAC (Compliance Audit Committee) during 2015. MECAC even had a forensic audit for Councillor Hahn calling into question the authenticity of his receipts/invoices and yet MECAC refused to send him onto the Crown for prosecution.

Hawk Ridge Homes are a testament to inadequate local planning. The former Taylor apple orchard at the corner of Union and First Ave. in Elmira should have had its' residential zoning removed a long time ago in order to fall in line with provincial policies around chemical companies. I wonder if this reapplication by the developers is simply a sideways method to receive compensation from Woolwich Township for their purchase of the land. If Woolwich Township has screwed up bigtime and this developer bought the land seriously believing they could build a residential subdivision on it, then perhaps the township are liable financially for their losses.

Come on out tonight and watch your local council do their thing.

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