Saturday, April 23, 2016


This shielding of citizens has been set up intentionally in order to get Chemtura Canada out of the spotlight. The last CPAC & SWAT did a great job of publicly exposing Chemtura's lies and deception to the public both via the Elmira Independent as well as by Council Delegations. The Independent are no longer with us, the Woolwich Observer appear to be intimidated and Council did their best to outright ban any citizen Delegations dealing with Chemtura issues.

The "triple filter" shielding consists of TAG and RAC meetings with zero media present combined with Council contrary to the Terms of Reference not receiving public reports from RAC or TAG. This has been exposed through my Delegations to Council as well as remarks from the audience at the last TAG meeting. Sandy Shantz spoke out of turn twice at the April 14/16 TAG meeting claiming that RAC were "reporting" to Council via their Minutes. Turns out even that is suspect as Sandy in this Monday's council package now admits that a number of RAC and TAG Minutes have inadvertently missed being included in Council's past packages.

Wow this is indeed a "cringeworthy" process. Delegations are not allowed at TAG. They are allowed at RAC but only during business hours ie 3 or 4 pm.. No media present at either committee meeting. Written documents also can not be directly forwarded to TAG meetings as they must first be screened by TAG Chair Dr. Dick Jackson. Also they must have technical merit and be no more than one page in length. Finally they are even supposed to be submitted not directly to Dr. Jackson but indirectly through the CPAC secretary Lisa Schaefer.

All of this is for one purpose only and that is to discourage public participation and public information as much as humanly possible. This is basically the worst possible example of "public consultation" I've ever heard of. It's no wonder that there have been zero Delegations to RAC to date and minimal attempts at sending information to Dr. Jackson. That said, when asked by Council Chairman Pat Merlihan at the Council meeting last Tuesday I did advise him and the public that I had sent several pages of info to Dr. Jackson regarding Chemtura's unfortunate spending of $3 million in the wrong location for GP1.

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