Wednesday, April 6, 2016


There are many euphimisms that can be used to avoid the word liar. "Gild the lily", "truth challenged", "factual fictions" and many more. All of them were applicable to Woolwich Council's tall tales last evening in Council Chambers. Mayor Shantz hit a personal best in truth manipulation. She claimed the media got it all wrong. She was away for a week and when she got back the headlines were all falsely proclaiming (says her) that Woolwich Council were banning Delegations on any matters pertaining to Chemtura Canada. It was all a big misunderstanding. Council never meant to do that at all and see this new Motion will set everything straight.

The mayor also told a whopper regarding Dr. Dan Holt's Delegation two weeks ago in Council. Dr. Holt is the Chairman of the Citizens Public Advisory Committee (CPAC) and his Delegation was to advise Council and the public that Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) were yet again planning on avoiding their responsibilities to clean up the downstream Canagagigue Creek. Mayor Shantz claimed that Dr. Holt was speaking on my behalf. WTF! Where does she come up with this crap? That's just pathetic and both Dr. Holt and myself made that very clear in our Delegations last evening. Oh and by the way, the world's most ignorant Council kept their mouths shut throughout our Delegations. Not a single interruption or frivolous excuse to stop us in mid stream.

What is the scariest to me is the lack of shame when Councillors Martin, Bauman and the mayor were speaking while blatantly disengaged from reality. Yes in my opinion the mayor was the worst by far but that is of very small relief to Councillor Bauman and Martin's credibility. It is almost as if she truly believes that it doesn't matter what lies she tells as long as she's the mayor all will be believed. I'm not a psychiatrist but isn't that getting close to sociopathic behaviour?

Councillor Murray Martin should also be ashamed of his lies and misrepresentations as he was mumbling into the microphone about not supporting Councillor Bauman's Amended Motion. He referred to CPAC as "those people" and inferred that we as victims of Council bullying and intimidation were somehow the gulty parties. Murray you are truly an asshole in so many ways.

Woolwich Staff were present two weeks ago as well as last night. The Woolwich Observer (Steve Kannon) were present both times. Dr. Holt, Richard Clausi, Vivienne Delaney and myself were present on both occasions. Also present on both occasions was the only honourable Councillor, Pat Merlihan. How stupid are Council that they would actually lie so blatantly with all those witnesses? Yes the meeting two weeks ago is recorded on tape but of course Council will never allow the paying public to hear it. The trouble is their own Motion from two weeks ago tells part of the tale. It states "That Council request staff to direct delegations with topics specific to Township of Woolwich sub-committees to go to the sub-committees first.". That's pretty clear even though it is watered down from their initial verbal demands to Dr. Holt.

Then it gets worse for Council. Their own published Minutes from the March 22/16 meeting state "Councillor Martin advised that as a result of TAG being the appropriate body, he would not let the delegation speak." The K-W Record did their due diligence in interviewing witnesses and in reading Council's Motion from March 22/16 prior to their publishing their story, their Opinion piece (Luisa D'Amato) and their own Editorial. And still Council and mayor put on their disgusting display last evening in Council Chambers.

All these obfuscations and manipulations are on behalf of Chemtura Canada. They are on behalf of a truly prolific and grandiose corporation who have never told anything but self-serving lies for the last thirty years. Council's protection and insulation of Chemtura from the truth, told by honest and informed Woolwich citizens, is now understood and apparent to the public.

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