Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Perhaps the lying and stickhandling actually means that Woolwich Councillors still believe that they have to be careful. They tried their best to promote a poor trade of land for better facilities in Breslau and got told off properly for so doing. They gussied it up with a so called representative committee who were to look carefully at all options and opinions. Unremarkably no one on the committee changed their position and at best the committee proved that the community were not enthralled with the Council proposed sale of their parkland.

Now Council in attempting to follow Councillor Bauman and mayor Shantz's protection of Chemtura Canada are in the crap again. Make no mistake this is all about Woolwich Council running interference on behalf of Chemtura. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment also have been doing it since at least the 1980s. I truly can not remember anytime in the past when Council have been so blatant. True they booted me off CPAC early in 2008 when I got too pushy on Chemtura's DNAPL (Dense Non aqueous Phase Liquids) coverup. Even then however they disguised their real agenda by having Pat McLean and Susan Bryant sell a red herring to CPAC regarding the new Ammonia Treatment System.

The CPAC appointed in early 2011 simply did not have enough Chemtura sympathizers on it to suit our favourite polluter. This was because the new Council really were new with the exception of Mark Bauman. This new Council followed the lead of then mayor Todd Cowan. Like most human beings and politicians, while fatally flawed, nevertheless he did try to correct the obvious biases and flaws that had been a part of CPAC for far too long. The alliance of Susan Bryant with Pat Mclean in 2000 should have sent off warning bells to everyone long before it finally did. They led CPAC into a self-serving (for Pat & Susan) happy co-existence with Chemtura & the M.O.E..

We will know that democracy is but a far distant memory when the time comes that our local politicians stop lying to us. When they just flat out say yes we are discriminating against a citizens group (Citizens Public Advisory Committee) because we don't like them. CPACs honest position opposing Chemtura and the M.O.E.'s non-cleanup plans are interfering with our carefully hidden support for them. Therefore we Council will continue to insulate Chemtura from informed criticism and furthermore we will actively use our offices as Councillors and mayor to undermine any and all citizens working towards environmental cleanup of our township; that we as Councillors have only given lip service to for decades.

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