Monday, February 2, 2015


Last Saturday's Woolwich Observer advises us that the "Jigs Hollow Pit back in play". A negotiated settlement between Woolwich Township and the Ontario Municipal Board had permitted Preston Sand & Gravel to begin an above the water table gravel pit just across the Grand River from Winterbourne. In 2013 it was determined that groundwater levels were significantly higher than expected making the pit uneconomical for the small quantity of gravel above the water table. What's a corporation to do but apply back to Woolwich Township for a below the water table permit. This will require the full zoning amendment process.

Recently one corrupt body (Ont. M.O.E.) and one corporation by definition serving their own interests have been complaining to Woolwich Council members and Mayor about how hard done by they are. In their opinions being treated less than respectfully for minor transgressions of dishonesty, lack of integrity, non transparency, non accountability etc. is unprofessional. What can I say? What kind of a person would I be if I respected any of those behaviours? Dr. Henry Regier has recently distributed a wonderful treatise on professional ethics including definitions (Wikipedia). I suppose grudgingly I could reduce my gratuitous use of accurate insults such as calling the Ont. M.O.E. corrupt. I suppose particularily if I was made an offer say by Woolwich Township, a sweetener if you will, to induce less accurate and honest terminology, I could do so without a huge loss of clarity and specicivity.

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